Training and workshops

The Procurement Team regularly rolls out training to ensure all core systems users, to ensure all know how to raise Requisitions and are kept updated on any new procuredures or system updates which may affect the process.

We are currently running training sessions across the colleges and welcome additional participants, to any of these. 

Refresher Requisitioner Training

We recommend that all requisitioners attend one of these sessions annual.  For those who raise requisitions infrequently this can act as a refresher and a reminder. 

For more regular requisitioners; the refinments and updates to the processes are all included in this annual training and serve as a developing guide to how best to maintain accuracy and best practise.

Current training includes updates on Supply Chain, Tax and Overseas updates, HE Contracts, understanding receipting processes and how best to utilise the Management Pack.

The next Requisitioner Training sessions will take place: 

  • Thursday 2 December 2021 - starting at 11:30
  • Tuesday 8 February 2022 - starting at 14:00
  • Thursday 17 March 2022 - starting at 13:30

Please allow 90 minutes for each session and contact Joëlle O’Toole if you would like to sign up to.

You may download a copy of the most recent slides here, for reference.  

Receipting Training

It is important that receipting is done as soon as goods are delivered/services are completed.  Payment of suppliers relies upon this process being undertaken correctly.  

We encourage all requisitioners to attend one of these dedicated workshops; particularly those who are involved in research or ordering of medical suppliers, as it is these suppliers in particular that have had payment delays, due to receipting anomalies.  

Our most recent workshop took place on Thursday 11 November, and the slides can be downloaded for reference.  You can also view the full training, which includes a live demonstration of the receipting process through core.  

Requisitioner User Group Sessions

These sessions provide bite sized updates and presentations from Procurement, the Buying Team and one or two of our suppliers.  They are a useful resource to help the requisitoner and end user to get the most from core systems and provide a great opportunity to raise more in-depth questions.

We run these sessions every four months and, as we tailor them towards those who use the system and what to get the most out of it, we welcome agenda suggestions.  Do please contact Joëlle O’Toole to be booked onto the the next one and to request focal areas or supliers you would like to see presenting at the next/future workshop:

  • Thursday 10 February 2022 - 10:00-11:30

The Agenda from the last session can be viewed and the slides on Tax and Supply Chain, Internal Updates and Housekeeping are all available for download also.  

Online training videos

You can also find some of our training videos hosted on YouTube, showing:

Our Management Pack overview and training can be found on the dedicated intranet page.  

You can still access the canvas training area, showing step by step guides on how to raise requisitions also.  



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