Limits and Conditions

Current limits and conditions

 Expense Type Condition Maximum reimbursement
Mileage - car up to 10,000  45p per mile
Mileage - car above 10,000  25p per mile 
Mileage - motorbike  All Miles 24p per mile 
Mileage - Bicycle All Miles  20 p per mile
Air Travel  Less than 6 hours Economy 
Air Travel More than 6 hours  Premium Economy (or Business Economy if Premium Economy does not exist) 
Subsistence - Breakfast All Locations  £7 including VAT and Service 
Subsistence - Dinner All Locations   £25 including VAT and Service 

The following limits are to be used as a guide, although every effort should be made to utilise the University’s travel provider:

 Expenses Condition Guidance Prices
 Hotel Accommodation  London  £180 including VAT
 Hotel Accommodation   UK, outside London  £180 including VAT
 Hotel Accommodation  Overseas  £180 including VAT

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If you have a query relating to your expenses please visit our dedicated expenses faqs page



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