Scholarships and Stipends

Information for students

Finance is responsible for processing payments for scholarships and stipends which have been submitted through UFAS (the University Funding Administration System). Your College, School or Department is responsible for submitting changes for these bursaries. Changes need to be submitted at least two weeks before the scholarship is due to be paid. 

If you have a query about your scholarship or stipend payment, contact your College/School directly on the contact details provided on this page.

Cut-off and pay dates for bursaries submitted through UFAS
 MonthFinal date for receiving 
Scholarship changes
Date Scholarship 
will be paid
June 2023 Friday 16th  Friday 30th
July 2023  Friday 14th  Friday 28th
August 2023 Friday 11th  Friday 25th
September 2023 Friday 15th   Friday 29th
October 2023 Friday 13th   Friday 27th
November 2023 Friday 17th   Friday 1st December
December 2023 Friday 8th   Friday 22nd
January 2024 Friday 12th   Friday 26th
February 2024  Friday 9th  Friday 23rd
March 2024 Friday 15th   Friday 29th
April 2024 Friday 12th  Friday 26th

Scholarship and stipend queries

Students in need of help with scholarship or stipend payments should contact their College, School or Department on the details shown on this page.

Colleges/Schools aim to respond to queries within 2 working days (Monday-Friday). At busy times – for example, during exam period – you’ll get an automatic reply from these inboxes, letting you know whether to allow for extra time to get a response.

College of Arts and Law (CAL)

For postgraduate research queries, email or call 0121 414 5680.

College of Life and Environmental Sciences (LES)

For postgraduate research queries, email the relevant inbox:

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS)

College of Social Sciences (CoSS)

College of Medical and Dental Sciences (MDS)

Undergraduate queries


  • Programme Manager: Aderonke Agun. Email or call 0121 414 8138
  • Call the team on 0121 414 6491; 0121 414 6889; or 0121 414 3004


  • Programme Manager: Louise Sylvester. Email or call 0121 414 8383
  • Call the team on 0121 414 6893

Biomedical Science and intercalating programmes

  • Programme Manager: Paul Caley. Email or call 0121 415 8120, or 0121 414 3510
  • Call the team on 0121 415 8120 or 0121 414 3510


  • Programme Manager: Jenny Moore. Email or call 0121 414 7076
  • Call the team on 0121 414 7793 or 0121 414 7794


  • Programme Manager: Clare Tolley. Email or call 0121 466 5580
  • Or call the team on 0121 466 5466; 0121 466 5542; 0121 466 5474; or 0121 466 5473

Head of Operations for Undergraduate Programmes

Postgraduate taught

Postgraduate research

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences (LANS)




Professional Services