Invoice Matching and Payments

Core systems will match an invoice to its corresponding order number and if 3-way match is complete the invoice will be processed for payment.  Part of the 3-way match is receipting, it is important that you receipt your goods/services from EXTERNAL suppliers promptly.  Failure to do so will result in them not being paid and the University being put on stop - meaning no more goods or services and possibly court action and/or fines.

When the invoice is processed, and there are no receipted goods an automated notification “quantity hold” email is sent to the requisitioner. If the person is not going to receipt the goods as they have not received  them then please notify AP so that they can put a note against the invoice. Then when chased by the supplier the team have something to go back on. Without knowledge to the contrary AP are just believing that the people are forgetting to receipt. 


Never receipt internal orders or purchase card requisitions.

What your order status means


An order that’s gone to the supplier, but has not been receipted, or invoiced.

Closed for receipting

 The order has been receipted, but not invoiced.

Closed for invoicing

Invoice has been receivied and processed by accounts payable, but the goods have NOT been receipted in the system.  These will not therefore appear in the actuals report until cost centres receipt them.


The purchase order has been closed. the order may have been closed because it is fully receipted and invoiced.  If however it has been closed in error and you still have an outstanding commitment against it you should contact the buying team at and ask them to re-open the order so that any outstanding invoices can be paid.




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