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Occupational Health

The Occupational Health team are here to offer advice in a neutral capacity to University of Birmingham employees, managers and the University to assist in maintaining your health at work, the health of others in the workplace and to assist individuals in remaining at or returning to work should they experience ill health or disability.

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Open Access - Managing Your Research Outputs 

The University of Birmingham uses Pure as its system to manage research outputs.

The University requires all researchers to keep their profile on Pure up to date with a full list of research outputs. New research outputs should be added to Pure within 3 months of the publisher’s acceptance date to ensure that they are compliant with Open Access requirements.

Please note: if your outputs are not Open Access compliant they are unlikely to be eligible for submission to next REF. Research outputs added to Pure are also used to populate the University of Birmingham’s Research Portal and individual staff profile pages on the University website.

Pure support pages
University of Birmingham Research Portal
Email support: pure@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Organising Events

The 'Keep it on Campus' campaign aims to ensure that all meetings, events and client dinners are held onsite at the University of Birmingham. Where possible, events and meetings hosted by Medical School staff/students should be held within the Medical School. If this is not possible then other University of Birmingham facilities may be booked.

If you are planning an event at The University of Birmingham, there are a number of web pages which are a useful resource to help ensure all the correct procedures have been followed and the right forms have been completed. Further information on Organising Events can be found on the Hospitality and Accommodations Services (HAS) intranet pages.

See also Centre for Professional Development and Venue Birmingham.

Out of Hours Working

See ‘Lone Working’.

Outside Work/Consultancy

Academic staff are encouraged to undertake relevant outside activities, provided this does not conflict with their University duties. The Guidelines on Outside Work are intended to help staff determine whether their activities should be classed as outside activities, and how to manage these if so. Such activities are not restricted to consultancy work, but where consultancy is involved staff are recommended to use the services of University of Birmingham Enterprise.

Academic staff wishing to engage in outside activities whether paid or unpaid must first obtain authority to do so. Authorisation will not unreasonably be withheld. All applications for outside activity must be made on the appropriate form

Oxygen/Nitrogen Tanks

To order Oxygen or Nitrogen tanks, contact Terry James - t.a.james@bham.ac.uk (or in cases of emergency - 07760 283463).


In the interests of achieving a healthy work-life balance for staff, the use of regular overtime working is discouraged. Managers will try to ensure that overtime working is kept to a minimum by matching staffing levels to workload. When overtime working is appropriate, managers will seek the agreement of staff to work additional hours. Individual circumstances will be taken into account; however, it is expected that staff will be prepared to offer some flexibility where external commitments, such as caring responsibilities, allow. Full Guidance on Overtime can be found on the HR intranet pages.

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