EUniWell Seed Fund

EUniWell has launched a Seed Funding Programme that is intended to bring together researchers, students, educators, and administrators from our seven universities. The call aims to promote academic exchange and joint research and teaching projects within the consortium. The objective is to actively encourage multilateral networking between the consortium partners and the further development of existing and new cooperative structures based on innovative projects and new ideas.

The EUniWell Seed Fund is currently closed. The next round will be available in October 21. 


  1. The proposal must be submitted by teachers/researchers/administrative staff/students from at least three universities of the consortium and should include a description of how teachers/researchers/students from other universities can be involved. 
  2. Teachers/researchers/administrative staff of all career levels and students of the participating universities can apply either as Coordinators or Partners. 
  3. The programme is not restricted in terms of content or theme, but priority will be given to proposals that address EUniWell’s core commitment to advance well-being in Health, Education, People and Institutions, and/or the Environment.
  4. Projects can be on research and/or teaching and/or policy development.
  5. Selected projects will be funded up to 25,000€ for the duration of one year.
  6. Projects creating new collaborations will be given priority.   

Application process and format


Proposers will receive confirmation upon successful receipt of their proposals.

Proposals must be submitted electronically in PDF format (file size cannot exceed 10 MB).


The applicant is asked to produce a max. 3-page project description (font 11pt Arial, 1.5 line spacing, 3 cm margin all around) with: 

  • information on the objective of the planned project;
  • description of the importance of the project for networking and collaboration within the consortium;
  • list of involved staff (all staff categories are invited to apply) and/or students involved;
  • information of the period for which funding is requested;
  • budget plan (including a scenario with only digital activities in case of pandemic related restrictions);
  • declaration on compliance with the rules of good scientific practice, if relevant for the content for the proposal (in accordance with the rules of the respective home university of the researchers/students involved);
  • an annex with the CVs of the chief applicant(s) and of the other staff and/or students involved (max. two pages per person). 

Evaluation criteria 

Funding support will be given to projects that outline the planned collaboration (e.g. existing cooperation, potential of future collaboration), elaborate on the development potential of topics, exchange plans, as well as joint projects. The main criteria that will be used in assessing and evaluating the proposals are:

  • participation of professional (including all staff categories) staff/researchers/students from at least three participating universities;
  • preference will be given to applications that include both staff and students;
  • added value for future collaboration with professional staff/researchers and/or students of the participating partner universities;
  • quality and innovation potential of the project ideas, e.g. in terms of new exchange formats/tools, new research ideas, digitization, entrepreneurship, ideas for shaping future Europe and global engagement;
  • reference to EUniWell’s core commitment to advance well-being in Health, Education, People and Institutions, and/or the Environment;
  • reference to the objectives of the European Universities initiative

The maximum budget that can be requested is 25,000 euros and has to be spent within a year. There are no limitations/requirements/conditions on how the funding can be spent. There is no matching required.


Within six months of the end of the approval period, each selected applicant will be asked to submit a written report of no more than five pages (font 11pt Arial, 1.5 line spacing, 3 cm margin all around) that describes the outcome of the project, especially with respect to the main criteria listed above.

Finding a partner

The Project Management team at EUniWell are pleased to help find and introduce counterparts at partner universities.

To request support, please complete the short form on the EUniWell website

Each week we update a list of seed fund projects that are searching for partners. Please feel free to contact colleagues across the network if a project is of interest to you:




 1. It is specified that “The maximum budget that can be requested is 25.000 euros and has to be spent within a year”. What is the exact duration?

The activities of the projects have to be implemented from the 1st of April 2021 to the 31st of March 2022. The end of the expenses’ eligibility is the 31st of May (reporting time).

2. Do I have to add annexes to my proposal?

Yes, you can add annexes to your proposal: annex with the CVs of the applicant and of the other staff and/or students involved -max. two pages per person

3. Can we have other universities outside the minimum of the 3 EUniWell universities?

Yes, it is possible to add an external university to the project if you have at least 3 EUniWell universities. But this external university will not receive funding and you will have to explain its added value to the project.

4. “There are no limitations/requirements/conditions on how the funding can be spent”. Is it possible to use the budget for travel/congress networking/ publication fee for a short-term staff salary for supporting the project (staff costs)?

Yes, as long as it does not exceed 25 000€.

5. Do I have to give details of the budget in the proposal?

Yes, the details have to be given in your proposal.

6. Can a candidate be involved in several projects?

Yes, a candidate can be involved in several projects, either as coordinator or partner.

7. What is the role of the coordinator?

The coordinator applies on behalf of the consortium, is in charge of the budget and of the coordination.


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