Leaving us - a checklist before you go

Dear summer presessional teaching staff,

We hope you have enjoyed working with us this year. This page is to support you as you prepare to leave us, setting out what you need to do and other relevant information.

Before you leave, please remember to:

  • Update your address in Core. Your P45 will be posted to you approximately two weeks after your end date. If you are in the pension scheme, the pension provider will be able to contact you at this address.
  • Download your payslips from Core. We will request payroll to post out any final payslips that are issued after you have left us. If a payslip has not been received or you have a query please email payroll with your name, National Insurance number or payroll number and date of birth. 

Guidance on how to download your payslip

Email payroll

 General Information

  • P60: You will not receive a P60 as they are only issued to staff who are in post on the 5 April, the last day of the tax year. 
  • If you register for the my.password this will allow you to reset your own password in future years without the need to contact IT. Read more.
  • Save any important e-mails (access will stop from around 5pm on the last day).
  • Return any materials or books you might have borrowed. 

Annual leave

  • If you are a 20- or 15- week teacher, any outstanding annual leave is paid at contract end.
  • Casual teachers finishing before 6 September 2021 will have received payment for their annual leave in addition to their hourly pay.
  • Casual teachers finishing after the 6 September 2021 will have been paid annual leave in addition to their hourly pay until the 6 September 2021. After this date the annual leave hours due will accrue in Core. If this accrued leave is not taken it will automatically be paid when the assignment is terminated 8 weeks after your end date .

Contact information

When contacting the departments below please provide your name, date of birth and National Insurance number or payroll number for identification purposes:


Professional Services