MCTI video transcript - Jercia

Hi, my name is Jercia and I've just completed my Masters in Advanced Chemical Engineering. This year, I took part in the Masters campus-based team internship.

So, the thing that mainly motivated me to apply was to actually find out who the employer was going to be as it could be an employer that I would potentially be working for. It would also give me an insight into a specific sector within chemical engineering, but mainly the opportunity to work alongside an employer and really build on some of my skills like my communication skills and my presentational skills which were going to be important factors when I actually started working.

I most enjoyed working in a team and actually getting to know different colleagues and how they thought and what they believed were like the best solutions within the project. I also really enjoyed working as part of a team as I was able to meet some other Master students that I've never worked with and I was really able to learn about their different skill sets and in that we actually allocated different roles within our group.

I was able to further develop my leadership skills and I think that really did contribute in to us winning the internship. I gained some really invaluable experiences and such as the 30-second elevator pitch. I'd never heard of this concept before and that really helped our team in ensuring that our pitch was direct and focused and that it really grabbed the employer's attention and I feel that that was a reason that contributed to why we were the winning team.

My advice for most students looking to apply is just to have a leap of faith and actually register for this programme because you will actually learn a lot of invaluable experiences and skills. You'll be able to build upon your communication skills. You can build your confidence.

Working alongside employees really gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge in a specific engineering sector that you had no clue about before.


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