Careers Network on social media

Careers Network has many social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We have Twitter and Facebook accounts for each College, so you will always receive the most relevant information from Careers Network. Click on each platform below to find out more.

Careers Network social media accounts 


Follow our Twitter feeds for up to date events information, advice and tweet our experts any questions.

We have both a central account and specific accounts to get information tailored to your degree programme or interests.


A great way to keep up with careers information & events on the world’s favourite social network.

We have both a central account and specific accounts to get information tailored to your degree programme. If you have any burning questions, then feel free to send us a message on Facebook.

The following is a list of all Careers Network Facebook pages:

LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is a valuable online tool that can help you network professionally online and is being increasingly used by graduate recruiters to recruit for internships and graduate vacancies.

There are several LinkedIn groups available to help you network with other students and Careers Network staff.

You can also use LinkedIn to search for jobs.

E-learning courses

Careers Network offers a number of e-learning courses on careers related topics at Careers on Canvas. You will also find resources, events and workshops through your school career Canvas course.


YouTube isn't just for music videos! We have a variety of videos, from interviews with students and graduates to tips on graduate applications to suggestions from employers on preparing for the job market. Watch real people talking about their experiences.


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