Digitisations for ResourceLists@Bham

The Digitisation Service produces high quality copyright compliant digital extracts of book chapters and journal articles and other types of content for use in a ResourceLists@Bham.

The service provides:

  • High quality digitisations within a specified time frame
  • Streamlined and simplified requesting process via ResourceLists@Bham
  • Ease of access to key resources for students
  • Copyright compliant resources in line with the CLA requirements

The Digitisation Service is provided on the basis of the licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA).   The Licence covers most printed books, journals and magazines published in the UK, plus many published overseas. Find out more about the CLA licence.

The 'request digitisation' does all of the licence checking for you.  If there is a problem it will tell you immediately offering you the chance to select an alternative resource, or to request further information from the team.

Once your request is submitted and approved, the Digitisation Service will scan the extract and upload it directly into your ResourceList.

Please see the training materials on Canvas for how to submit a digitisation request.

Please note that old Word forms and Excel spreadsheets are no longer required and should not be used.  The ResourceLists@Bham system replaces this.

Service standards

Where requests for digitisations are received the Digitisation Service team aims to fulfil or query these requests within 5 working days. 

However, as this is a new service levels of demand are unknown and may encounter peaks before the start of term. Where fulfilment of requests is likely to fall outside the usual five working day pledge the team will contact the requestor.  

For items that are on loan or not located in the Main Library, there may be delays in completing these requests.

When the digitisation is ready, the Digitisation Service team will add the scan to a ResourceList item and the request will receive an automatic notification.

All digitisations provided by the Digitisation Service will be quality checked to ensure that the files are suitable for student use. These checks include ensuring the files are:

  • legible
  • professional in appearance
  • correctly orientated for use on ResourceLists@Bham
  • appropriately titled with suitable metadata embedded within
  • a basic text recognition (OCR) function has been added


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