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ResourceLists@Bham is the University's reading list system. This is your gateway through to course resource lists, providing a seamless, single point of access to course readings and resources.

How do I find the resource list for my module?

Search for the name of your module or lecturer in the homepage search box to find your resource list. Log in to add personalised notes and reading intentions to items.

Can't find your resource list?

Please let us know if a resource list for your module is not on the system by emailing

How to use, navigate and personalise resource lists



What do students think of ResourceLists@Bham?


Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

“It's easier to view readings on a lecture by lecture basis. I found it very useful – I like how it enables you to select the reading status of each material. I wish every lecturer would use it.”

Support for staff

We have extensive information to get you up and running. To get started with setting up your resource list, see our Canvas course online or contact


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