iCite - referencing at the University of Birmingham

Pen on paperThe why, the what and the how of referencing.

How to reference correctly 
How to reference using different systems such as Harvard (author-date), Vancouver (Numbering), APA, MHRA, and others.

Reference management software  
Information on the use of Endnote and RefWorks 

Sources of help and support
Where to get help with referencing and reference management software

Referencing and plagiarism
Further information and links for help with plagiarism, in association with the i-cite.

Referencing guides

We have developed an enhanced guide to using a generic Harvard style of referencing based on Cite Them Right. Below are links to Quick PDF Guides on how to reference correctly using this new generic Harvard style, plus guides for 6 other major styles. For a more in-depth guide to these styles, follow the how to reference correctly link. 

Harvard (author-date) Quick Referencing Guide (PDF - 197KB)

Vancouver (Numbering) Quick Referencing Guide (PDF - 216KB)

APA Quick Referencing Guide (PDF - 225KB)

MHRA Quick Referencing Guide (PDF - 203KB)

MLA Referencing

Chicago Referencing

OSCOLA Referencing


Birmingham Harvard Style

University Education Committee has agreed to the discontinuation of the Birmingham Harvard referencing style. Guidance on Birmingham Harvard is still available (PDF - 233KB).