Referencing software

Referencing Software

Referencing Software helps you manage the referencing process, enabling you to efficiently store, organise and cite references from multiple sources. At the University of Birmingham we have access to the EndNote software, which is available in 2 formats:

  • EndNote Online is web-based and recommended for undergraduate (UG) and taught postgraduate (PGT) students. 
  • EndNote Desktop is a downloadable programme, and recommended for doctoral (PhD), post-doctoral and other academic researchers and staff. 

Technical Support

All EndNote users have direct access to technical support from the supplier, Clarivate.  If you are experiencing any technical issues with EndNote, such as set-up or use with MACs, then contacting the supplier may resolve the issue. 

EndNote Online

 EndNote Online is the supported reference management software for all undergraduate (UG) and taught postgraduate (PGT) students at the University of Birmingham.  EndNote Online is a web-based product enabled by setting up an account on the database platform Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics).

If you are an undergraduate or taught postgraduate student at UoB, but not currently using referencing software: you are recommended to set up an account with EndNote Online.

EndNote Desktop

EndNote Desktop is a separate, downloadable software programme recommended for PhD students / PGRs, post-doctoral Researchers and University staff, and supported for those users by the Research Skills Team.  

 Please note that EndNote Desktop (also from Clarivate Analytics) is a different product to EndNote Online. 

 If you are an undergraduate or taught postgraduate student who has downloaded EndNote Desktop but needs to use EndNote Online instead, you should first register and create an account with Web Of Science .  Then set the EndNote tab in Word to EndNote Online using Preferences - Applications: see Troubleshooting – Cite While You Write / Word and EndNote Desktop.

LaTex and BibTex

For subjects which rely heavily on the use of mathematical symbols and equations, other packages such as LaTeX and BibTeX are available. The ASC currently offers limited support for these packages and students can book an appointment with our Mathematics and Statistics Support Officer via our booking form 

Other software

Whichever referencing software you decide to use, please take care not to inadvertently or otherwise share full-text articles or files of material which are under subscription to the University of Birmingham.  Otherwise you may be in breach of copyright and licensing agreements with publishers and suppliers.  Note that EndNote (Desktop or Online versions), for example, only allow article links and basic records to be shared, not whole articles.

Proof-reading references

Any citations and reference lists or bibliographies created by software tools or programmes should always be carefully proof-read and edited as required.  This is part of good academic practice.  Cite Them Right Online and the iCite Guide should be consulted for detailed information on how to reference. 


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