Referencing Software

Currently the University supports two reference software packages. 


Endnote is recommended for anyone who is doing detailed research, e.g. PhD students, researchers and lecturers.


RefWorks is a web-based package and is available free of charge to all members of the University. This package is intended for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, as it is not as comprehensive as Endnote. It can also be useful for collecting references when you are off-campus.

There are currently two versions of RefWorks available:

  • Refworks - Legacy: for exisiting users (you can choose to migrate to RefWorks - New when you are ready)     
  • RefWorks - New: for users who have not signed up to RefWorks before, or who wish to migrate their account to take advantage of the improved interface and functionality.

Other software

For subjects which rely heavily on the use of mathematical symbols and equations, other packages such as LaTeX and BibTeX are available. Although we do not offer any formal support for these packages more information can be found from the links below.

RefMe - Please Note:  RefMe is changing.  RefMe has recently been bought by Chegg and will be transferred to Cite This For Me.  Current users of RefMe should go to the FAQ page for more information.