Records management

What is records management?

Records management is the logical and practical approach to the creation, maintenance, use and disposition of records, and the information that those records contain.

The University deals in many types of record both in physical format e.g. on paper and on electronic media, and in content from minutes of meetings, through student and financial records, to the results of research and clinical trials. There is a general need to reduce the amount of records that are kept beyond their useful life span, whilst maintaining the integrity of the University’s administration.

University guidance

To support these needs, the University has introduced the following:

Retention and disposal schedules

Records should not be kept longer than necessary and should be disposed of when their 'lifecycle' is complete. The University recommends following the schedules developed for the HE sector by the Joint Information Systems Council (JISC).

The Modern Records Store

If you have paper based records that need to be kept, but for a limited period of time, Special Collections (on behalf of the University) manages the Modern Records Store which can be used by any School or Unit with limited local storage.



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