Ordering boxes for your material

Users of the Modern Records Store (MRS) are required to obtain their boxes by completing a box order form (Word - 35KB) which should be emailed to special-collections@bham.ac.uk

Note that users cannot place their own orders electronically via Core Systems.

Boxes supplied by the MRS are the correct dimensions for our shelves and are of the appropriate strength. As such, the MRS is unable to accept receipt of any other types of box.

Process for depositing material

  1. Check the MRS retention guidance to ensure that you are depositing the appropriate record types
  2. Check our fees and charges and complete a box order form (Word - 35KB)
  3. Email the MRS to inform staff that you have placed an order
  4. The MRS will contact you to arrange delivery of the boxes. If a small number of boxes have been ordered, MRS staff will endeavour to deliver these direct to your department. If this is not possible, you will be expected to collect the boxes from the MRS yourself or arrange, and pay for, Portering Services to collect
  5. The MRS will supply you with a records transfer list (Word - 59KB). A separate Word document will need to be printed out for every box you wish to deposit
  6. The MRS will also supply you with an appropriate amount of unique serial numbers. Write each box's unique serial number on the outside of the box and on the matching 'Records transfer list'
  7. Fill your boxes, being sure not to overfill. Due to shelving constraints in the MRS, any boxes deemed to be overfull will be returned to you
  8. Ensure the 'Records transfer lists' are completed in full and that each document has been signed. Scan and email these lists to the MRS. If you do not complete these forms in full the MRS will be unable to accept receipt of your material
  9. Ensure you save a copy of each of your submitted 'Records transfer lists'. This is crucial if you are to request the delivery or return of individual files and boxes in the future
  10. Once MRS staff have checked your submitted 'Records transfer lists', they will liaise with you to arrange a mutually convenient time to accept your material into the store. You will need to deliver the boxes to the MRS yourself or arrange, and pay for, Portering Services to collect

Storage of Cardholder Data (CHD)

Please note that the University's Finance Office will be notified if access to a CHD box/file is requested. If eventual approval for destruction cannot be obtained from the original requester/department then approval will be sought from staff in the Finance Office.

If depositors wish to extend the review date beyond 6 years + current financial year, the Finance Office will be advised and have authority, on behalf of the institution as a whole, to refuse permission.


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