Fees and charges

How much does it cost?

From 1 August 2013 the charge for depositing material in the Modern Records Store (MRS) is £15 per box. This is broken down by:

  • Appropriate storage box supplied by 'SafeStore': £4
  • Service charge covering the cost of administration, providing a file retrieval and delivery service and contribution towards annual cleaning and maintenance: £7
  • Secure destruction orpermanant return of boxes to depositor: £4

How is your money spent?

The £15 charge covers:

  • the cost of an appropriate sturdy, double-skinned cardboard box with separate lid
  • secure storage space for the box on the main campus
  • a file retrieval and delivery service, including delivery and collection of individual files on the Edgbaston campus
  • administration (stationery and paperwork)
  • a service charge (including cleaning and maintenance of the MRS)
  • the full cost of secure destruction or the cost of returning boxes to the depositing department via the Portering service

How many years does this cover?

The £7 service charge covers the first 7 years of each box's life. Depositors storing boxes in the MRS for more than 7 years will be required to pay an additional service charge (the total payable should equal £1 per box per year). This additional charge is levied to cover ongoing costs in running and maintaining the MRS.


Any additional service charge should not be paid by depositors of material which is deemed appropriate for eventual transfer to the University Heritage Archive Collection held at the Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections. Such material would be suitable for permanent preservation due to its long-term historical value and may include student record cards, certain University publications and minutes of high-level University committees. It is left to the discretion of MRS staff, in consultation with the depositor, to determine what material falls into this category.

Ordering boxes

The MRS can only accept orders upon receipt of a completed Box Order Form.

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