Our services

The Modern Records Store (MRS) houses paper-based records that need to be retained by the University, but for a limited time period only. Such records would not normally be required by departments on a regular basis but nevertheless need to be retained for a set time period, primarily due to legal and/or business transactional reasons.

Who can deposit material?

The MRS is located on the Edgbaston campus and is available for use by all areas of the University of Birmingham. We are, however, unable to offer a commercial service and cannot accept material from outside of the University.

What we offer...

As a records storage facility for the University's paper records, the MRS offers:

  • Secure, on-site storage of your records
  • A sturdy, double skinned cardboard box with separate lid which is strong, stackable and supplied flat packed. Dimensions are 380 x 260 x 260mm
  • A file retrieval, delivery and return service for the lifetime of the box
  • Secure, on-site destruction of your records at the end of their lifecycle or the permanent return of your material via Portering services

Fees and charges

From 1 August 2013 the charge for depositing material in the MRS is £15 per box. Our Fees and charges page explains how this money is spent.


Professional Services