Accessibility and screen reader users

Information to help users with disabilities make the most of the online services we provide.

Screen reader instructions

Completing online registration and feedback surveys:

  • Tab to move forward a dialogue box
  • Shift Tab to go back a dialogue box
  • Up Arrow Key for previous line
  • Down Arrow Key to move forward a line
  • Left Arrow for previous character
  • Right Arrow for next character
  • Control Left Arrow for previous word
  • Control Right Arrow for next word

Using textbox:

  • Control Alt - edit control and type in the text box
  • For Virtual Mode, JAWS or similar, you may need to use Enter Key to type in the text
  • For Live Mode type directly into the text box
  • B is for Button
  • E is for Edit

Selection keys:

  • Space Bar for check boxes and to select and deselect radio button options
  • Alt Cursor Down to open drop down or combo boxes
  • Up and Down Arrow Keys to highlight selection
  • Tab to the next control
  • Space Bar or Enter Key to operate buttons


We have made every effort to provide a service which is as accessible to as many students as possible.

We are aware that not all students will be able to benefit from this provision, particularly if:

  • Your first language is not English, including British Sign Language.
  • Where your screen reader technology may not be compatible with the platforms we have used as part of the service
  • Where you present with mental health needs or potential risky behaviours which would be better addressed and supported using our traditional face to face service.

We have worked with staff from Disability Services and the department for Equality and Diversity to identify and, where possible, make alterations to the way we present material and provide the service.

Feedback and suggestions

If you have any comments or suggestions about ways we might make improvements to either these information pages or the online counselling service please email us.