Making the most of online counselling

Thinking about your session

You will be offered up to six (email or 50 minute live) sessions after your initial assessment session.

To fully benefit, think in advance about the problem(s) you are experiencing right now and would like to bring to counselling.

You may want some space to explore your problem further and gain a greater understanding of yourself or your situation, perhaps you want to consider making life changes.

Counselling provides a separate space in your life where you can talk and be heard.

Your counsellor will work with you in considering what you want from counselling and ways you may achieve this to improve your quality of life and your sense of wellbeing.

Let your counsellor know how you feel

Counselling can involve talking about painful things, so it is important to remember that your counsellor is there to support you through this process and will work with you to manage any difficult feelings you may experience.

During online counselling you may experience what is known as the ‘disinhibition effect’. This is where a person feels more able to express themselves openly and possibly disclose information at an earlier stage than they might have done, had they met with their counsellor in person.

After each session

Allow yourself some time after each counselling session to reflect on what you have experienced during the session and what feelings you are left with.

Give yourself some space to relax and compose yourself for what lies ahead during the next few hours and the rest of the week. If you decided to make some changes, maybe think about how you might put these into action. Use your support network (friends/family) during the week. Treat yourself, take some exercise and practice a healthy eating and sleeping routine.

The end of counselling

Your counsellor will guide you through the counselling process and help you prepare for the end of counselling. You may find it useful to review how your answers to the weekly questionnaire have changed.

After your counselling you will be sent an email with a link to an anonymous survey. Completing this survey will help us gain a better understanding of your online counselling experience and will enable us to make service adjustments to better meet student needs.