Presentations and Videos

Abstracts, Posters, Presentations and videos of the conference will be posted here after the conference.

 Name Presentation - Slides (PDF)/Video (MP4)
 Yordanka Dimcheva  Urban terrorism in France Slides 
 Name Title ( click to download poster )
Diana Oliveira  Trouble with your heart? Come, let's check it!
Natalia Hartono  Sustaina-bee-lity in Remanufacturing
Nursaid Polater Control and Power Sharing Strategy of Dual Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Fuel Cell and Battery Trains
Hadeel Al-Dawsari Can We Help Individuals with Dyslexia by Adapting their Learning? 
Jordan Dorrell Machine Learning Random Structure Searching  for Li-Ni-S Cathode Discovery 
Adamu Mohammed Assessing the effect of calcification in aortic valve using particle-method modelling
Andrea Iliceto DFT exploration of the family of 2D metal organic frameworks M(C4N2H4)Cl2



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