You might have some questions about the IBSA World Games 2023. Here are some of the most common questions and some helpful answers.

How can I watch IBSA World Games 2023?

Tickets are being sold for the 3 Paralympic-qualifying events: Blind Football, Judo and Goalball. All other sports are free to attend without a ticket. A full timetable and process to buy tickets will be available soon.

I’m interested in volunteering! How can I get involved?

Volunteering opportunities are now open. Volunteers will be needed at every venue to help with classification, assisting athletes within the World Games villages, creating content in the media and marketing team, and at training and competition sessions. If you’d like to find out more about volunteering at the Games, check out our volunteering page on the intranet.

Will there be any road closures across campus? 

Please refer to the Campus Access pages. No road closures expected, other than Grange Road near Estates Maintenance. You will still be able to walk onto campus through Bournbrook Gate. Campus will still be open as usual with no restricted access / fencing. The only places you may not be able to enter are the IBSA venues as some will require accreditation.

Will I need an accreditation pass to access campus?

Campus will be fully open and accessible for business as usual. Only some areas of campus where competition is taking place will be restricted to those with accreditation or tickets. MLS event staff and external contractors will require IBSA accreditation passes to enter IBSA venues. UoB staff working on the Games can wear their own UoB lanyards or relevant uniforms (eg: Food Fellows) whilst working on the Games. 

Can I park on campus during the Games?

We don’t expect the Games to have a significant impact on parking. Grange Road car park is being closed from 10 - 29 August for the blind football. The South Gate car park will also be closed from 13 - 27 August due to volunteer and workforce parking. Spectators will be directed towards the North East multi-story so this may be busier than usual during Games time (18 – 27 August). Any long-term parking for home teams or officials will be based at King Edwards School.

I have Sport & Fitness membership. Can I still go to the gym during the Games?

Yes, the gym will still be open and accessible as normal, as will the swimming pool. The Munrow Arena and Slater Hall will have restricted access due to hosting Judo for the World Blind Games. If you want more information or would like to enquire about using alternative spaces please contact the UoB Sport team

Will food be available on campus?

Most UoB catering outlets will be open during the summer including:

  • Fellows Coffee Shop at the Main Library  
  • Fellows Coffee Shop at The Bramall 
  • Winterbourne Terrace Tea Rooms
  • Costa
  • Starbucks
  • Cantina 
  • Metro 
  • Campus Express 
  • Medical School (coffee shop only) 
  • Business School  
  • Exchange 
  • Gisbert Kapp 
  • Alan Walters 


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