Funding and taking a leave of absence

If you are considering temporarily withdrawing from the University, you will need to read the guidance provided on the leave of absence webpage.

If you take a leave of absence, your tuition fees will be prorated so that you are charged only for the period that you have attended in each academic year

The tuition fee liability webpage provides information about the University’s Fee Liability Policy for students who withdraw or take leave of absence. Please consult this page for information about the fee you will be charged.

Postgraduate loans

If you have taken out a Postgraduate Masters Loan or a Doctoral Loan from the Student Loans Company (SLC) and you decide to take a leave of absence, any future payments for the current year will be suspended until you return to your course, at which point you will continue to receive the remainder of your loan. If you take a break for two or more years during your course, however, you will only receive further payments if you can show that you have compelling personal reasons for the break in your studies, such as illness or bereavement.

Repeat years of study will not be funded unless there are exceptional circumstances as determined by the SLC.

Medical grounds 

If you are taking a leave of absence due to illness or pregnancy, the SLC can extend your student finance to include an additional 60 days of funding. It should be noted, however, that you will not receive any more than the maximum Postgraduate Loan amount overall, which means that the amount you can receive on resuming your studies will be reduced. 

Scholarships and other awards

Student loans and grants, scholarships and bursaries are not normally payable during suspension of studies. 

If you are in receipt of any University awards, please contact the person, department or institution responsible for administrating this as it is likely that you will be asked to return any overpayments.

For information about maternity and paternity leave, please read the following webpage.



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