NHS funding for prospective postgraduate students

Postgraduate Nursing and Physiotherapy programmes

Students studying for an M.Nurs, MSc Nursing or MSc Physiotherapy are funded through the Student Loans system in the same way that undergraduate students are funded.  They should therefore be able to apply for tuition fee loans, maintenance loan and other support from the Student Loans Company (SLC).  Such students will also be eligible for the new NHS Training Grant of at least £5000.  The most up to date details regarding this can be found on this dedicated NHS webpage.     

Dentistry programmes

Currently Dentistry programmes iare funded via the Student Loans system for undergraduates for the first year, followed by NHS Bursary support for Year 2 onwards.  Further details can be found here.

Postgraduate Social Work programmes

Students on postgraduate social work programmes continue to be supported by the NHS. As a home postgraduate social work student, we expect that you will be eligible to apply for a Social Work Bursary from the NHS.  The bursary is split into means-tested (up to £2,721 outside of London in 2023/24) and non means-tested (£3,362.50 outside of London in 2023/24) parts which are paid in three termly instalments.

You will also get up to £4,052 (in 2023/24) towards your tuition fees each academic year, which is paid directly to the University. Furthermore, a contribution of around £862.50 (to help with expenses for attending placements) has been built into the bursary. You will also be able to apply for a Parents’ Learning Allowance, Adult Dependants Allowance, Childcare Allowance and Disabled Students’ Allowances from NHSBSA, depending upon your circumstances.

Please note that the number of Social Work bursaries is restricted. If you do not qualify for a bursary towards your living costs, you will not be assisted with tuition fee support or any other type of allowance (except your travel allowance of £862.50).  As a non NHS funded student however, we expect you will be eligible to apply to the SLC for a Postgraduate Loan, to assist with your tuition fees and living costs. 

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