Setting up a UK bank account

Opening a UK bank account

Having a UK bank account is essential if you are studying in the UK for more than six months. We advise that you compare the accounts of a few banks, and ask them what they can offer you before you make your choice.

When you arrive you can visit various banks and choose the one which you feel will be best for you.  There are many international banks in Birmingham city centre and if you have an account with them in your home country, you may find opening a UK account with them easier than with a new bank.

When choosing a bank account, ask:

  • Will I have internet and telephone banking?
  • Does it have standing order and direct debit facilities?
  • What type of savings accounts do I have?
  • Will I be required to maintain a minimum account balance to pay a monthly fee?
  • Is there an overdraft facility?

For information on opening a bank account, please see the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.

Compare bank accounts here.


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