Pathways Scholarship

When will I know if I have qualified for a Pathways Scholarship?

Eligible students will receive an offer during their first term, usually during October.  If you believe you are eligible and haven't heard by 1 November then please contact us as soon as possible.

When will I receive payments?

The Pathways Scholarship is paid in two equal instalments each year.  You will receive half on or around 31 January and half on or around 31 May.  If your progress normally on the same programme of study and you are a scholarship recipient then you will continue to receive payments on the same dates each year. 

I have to repeat a year of study, am I still eligible?

If you have to repeat a year of study then your scholarship will be suspended until you progress onto the next year of your course.  If there are mitigating circumstances and your repeat is internal rather than external, then you can appeal to have your scholarship reinstated.  To do this you must email clearly stating your case, and provide appropriate evidence.

I am transferring to a different programme of study, am I still eligible?

You may not be eligible to retain your scholarship if you change your course.  Your scholarship is only guaranteed for your original programme.  If your entry grades are sufficient to meet the standard offer on your new programme then you may retain the scholarship, but additional years will not be funded.  For example if you switch from a 3 year programme to a 4 year programme then your funding will still end after 3 years.  If you change to a programme with a higher standard offer than your entry grades, then you will lose the scholarship.  In all cases please email to enquire about eligibility for your course change.

I am taking a leave of absence, what happens with my payments?

Any remaining payments will be suspended until you return to your studies.  If you have already received some funds for a year of study then this will affect the amount you are entitled to when you return.  If your scholarship has been reduced for this reason and there are mitigating circumstances then you may appeal to have the full value reinstated.  In all cases please email to inform us if you are taking a leave of absence.

I have changed bank accounts, who do I need to notify?

Please email informing us that you wish to change the bank account into which your scholarship is paid.  You will need to provide the name of your new bank, the six digit sort code and eight digit account number.


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