Lily Cratchley

Impact Internship - Social Media Marketing Assistant 
BA English with American and Canadian Studies with Year Abroad, 2021


Tell us a bit about yourself and your internship. 

Hi there, my name is Lily and I have been an intern at Worksmiths for the past seven weeks. This is just a short video to explain a little bit about what I did during this internship. So I was a Social Media Assistant for Worksmiths, which meant that I was working alongside two other interns to develop their online presence as a company and as a brand and to maintain and create a digital marketing strategy.

Alongside the other two interns, we created loads of digital content for Worksmiths. This included blog posts, social media posts, and updating of their website. This content was centred around themes such as employability, specifically around students and recent graduates, but also sustainability, things that companies can do to reduce their sustainability and also looking at lifestyle and community themes as well. So attracting potential clients, such as mums returning to work by posting about lifestyle pieces, such as recipes, days out during the summer holidays to go to places with your children and so on, so on.

We also did a marketing campaign for Worksmiths' 5 year anniversary, in which in each day of their 5 year anniversary week, we shared 5 top tips for different things, such as 5 top tips for sustainability in the workplace.   

How did you find your experience from the application point to completing the internship?

I really enjoyed working with the team at Worksmiths. Throughout my journey with Worksmiths, from application to interview, to actually securing the position, Sukanya and Beate offered so much support and really cared about you as an individual, which when applying to grad scheme after grad scheme you do begin to feel just a bit like a number in an application process so it was really nice to feel that both Sukanya and Beate were interested in me personally, what I could bring to this role, how it would benefit me in my long term career progression, and not just how it would benefit their company. I also found that they were both really easy to get a hold of throughout the working day which for me was a massive requirement when I was working from home. Further to this, they were also really sociable and really keen to meet up in person which I really liked. We went out for a meal one time with the whole team, as well as they organized a walking tour in Birmingham.

What did you gain from doing this internship?

In my role as a Social Media Assistant for Worksmiths, I've learned loads. It's really helped to hone my skills in digital marketing and social media content creation. It's also taught me more about data analytics on apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and also more specific things such as scheduling apps and paid Facebook and Instagram adverts.  Further to that, as every new position does, it's taught me a whole load of other life skills and specifically the importance of staying on top of yourself and being organized when you are working from home, which as the world seems to be moving that way, is an incredibly important skill to have. I've learned how to best stay on top of communication with a team, how to work collaboratively whilst also working remotely, which in itself seems a bit of a contradiction. So yeah this internship has really really helped me. It's also things like it's helped me prepare for interviews, prepare applications, and from there I've become more confident in doing these things which hopefully I will continue to do as my career progresses.

I think this internship was also invaluable in helping me to secure a permanent role doing digital marketing and communications with a company called The Growth Company based in Manchester. During my interview and my application process for this role, I drew on some of the many skills that I've learned in Worksmiths and was able to provide real-life examples of marketing campaigns and strategies that I've been a part of leading. So for me this internship with Worksmiths was absolutely invaluable and it's definitely one that I would recommend and I hope that they are able to keep the Impact Internship Scheme with the University of Birmingham, I hope that they're able to keep it running.


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