Movement of Equipment

Insurers provide All Risks cover for the transit of equipment off campus by way of an extension of the main property cover. NB. Cover is worldwide.

The limits are £250,000 in total with a £60,000 single item limit for property away from the premises.

It should be noted that the excess is  £25,000 and applies whether movement is within the UK or abroad.

Should the values of equipment  be exceeded in any way, then the Insurance Officer needs to be notified before the equipment is due to be transported so that specific cover can be arranged.

The duty of care issue needs to be adhered to and security of the equipment is extremely important. (e.g. equipment should never be left unattended in a motor vehicle and packaged in such a way that accidental damage is minimised)

On the travel policy there is a small amount of cover for personal property/ business equipment of up to £2,000 (including laptops) with an £25 excess. This is for equipment that a member of staff or student may have to take with them on a business trip. The cover stands on the understanding that all reasonable steps will have been taken for the security of the equipment whilst on route.