Programme transfers and ATAS

Programme transfers for international PGRs

A proceed and transfer progress decision for an international PGR may have an impact on the PGR's visa.

The PGR must be advised to contact the International Students' Team (IST) for advice on the implications of a programme transfer before the transfer is processed in End of Session.

You must notify the RSA PBS Team of any students in this situation and refrain from applying the proceed and transfer decision in BIRMS until the RSA team have advised that it is okay to do so.

Further information on the impact of programme transfers and academic progression on international students' visas can be found on the IST academic progression webpages.


If an international PGR is transferring to an ATAS attracting programme, they must obtain a new ATAS certificate before the transfer is processed.

To apply for a new ATAS certificate, the PGR must first request a summary of research statement from RSA. This statement can then be used to apply for a new ATAS certificate via the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. Once the new certificate has been issued, this should be forwarded to RSA who will then confirm whether the transfer can be processed. 

Under no circumstances should a PGR commence their new programme of study before the new ATAS certificate has been received.


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