Using BOXI for PGR End of Session

Using BOXI reports can help you manage your own data quality leading to easier PGR End of Session processing.

Launching BOXI reports in BIRMS

Find out about launching BOXI reports from BIRMS pages

BOXI video tutorials

  1. You will be required to log in using your ADF user name and password when accessing these videos
  2. These videos have verbal narration, so you will either need to use earphones or your PC will need speakers to listen to the audio
  • Scheduling reports in BOXI

    The scheduled reports will run automatically using your data specifications repeatedly according to the timetable you set, using current data each time it runs.

  • Creating and deleting folders in BOXI

    This is an effective method of managing the BOXI reports you use, allowing you to categorise and organise frequently-used reports according to your own requirements and enabling you to access them more quickly.

  • Saving reports in BOXI

    Saving reports (mostly shortcuts) in your folders enables you to access your frequently-used reports more quickly and efficiently.

Report instructions

All the BOXI reports listed here have specific instructions in the first tab of the report. Not only do these contain instructions on how to run the report, they also describe the format of the report and list the information the report will display. It is advisable to read these before running the report.

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