Taught EoS contacts

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Advice, guidance and support for staff in Schools and Colleges with responsibility for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students and programmes during the End of Session processing will be provided by your contacts in Taught Student Administration.


Email: tsa@contacts.bham.ac.uk

How we can help

Your contact in Taught Student Administration will be able to provide advice, support and practical help if you experience any of the following problems/issues:

  • problems with entering or importing marks
  • problems with the calculation of marks or module recommendations
  • problems with calculating degree classifications
  • problems with calculating ARTs
  • the programme you need to select for a programme transfer or alternative qualification is not appearing in the drop-down list
  • problems with releasing marks and decisions to Banner
  • error messages that are unclear or that you do not know how to resolve
  • not knowing which ART to use
  • not knowing which BOXI report to use
  • problems with running BOXI reports
  • problems with BIRMS security
  • any other problems


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