Non-standard graduate taught programmes (NSPs)

Non-standard Programmes End of Session logoEnd of Session processing for PGT programmes that do not conform to the standard academic year, start dates, programme lengths and/or assessment periods can be effectively managed using non-standard bespoke processing.

Which programmes are covered?

Graduate taught non-standard programmes can be most commonly but not exclusively characterised for BIRMS EoS purposes as one or more of the following:

  • Programmes with non-standard start dates, i.e. that do not start at the beginning of the academic year
  • Programmes with multiple or flexible start dates
  • Programmes of non-standard length
  • Programmes with modules that run across academic years
  • Programmes with modules not assessed by the exam board in the year the modules are taken
  • Programmes which have multiple exam boards, or exam boards with non-standard timing

Principles and Applications of BIRMS EoS processing for NSPs

The presentation will take you through:

    • What constitutes a non-standard programme for BIRMS EoS purposes?
    • Why do we promote the use of different ARTs for NSPs?
    • Non-standard ARTs - what do they do?
    • Do's and Don't's - BIRMS processing for NSPs.
    • What do I do if I think my non-standard programme is not covered by these processes?

These quick guides will help you to apply the correct ARTs to your BIRMS EoS processing for your non-standard programmes.

Consult these documents to apply your knowledge to common NSP Exam Board-based scenarios - the second document will enable you to check your answers!


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