Guidance document for PGR End of Session processing

At the end of each academic session, Schools are required to return a progress decision for each research student and, where relevant, module marks and recommendations. Operationally, this is known as ‘End of Session Processing’.

This guide contains an overview of End of Session processing for Postgraduate Researchers and links to the relevant appendices for PGR End of Session processing.

PGR End of Session Processing - training presentation 2018/19

PGR End of Session Processing 2018/19 (PDF - 1,210 KB)


The objectives of this presentation are:


      To be able to determine the appropriate ART and apply this in BIRMS

      To be able to enter and release ARTs in BIRMS

      To understand how to identify and resolve BIRMS errors

      To be aware of ‘smart’ processing and BOXI reports to support PGR EOS


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