Student Updates

Dear Student,

We hope you are well and keeping safe.

We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some details on the updates to our processes effective from 1 September 2020. Please ensure that you read the information below carefully and contact us through the Worklink portal with any queries.

 Key Updates for Student Casual Workers

  • You must submit your timecards on a weekly basis and by the monthly deadline.
  • It is no longer possible to submit timecards after your assignment has ended.  Your last opportunity to claim payment for any hours worked before 1st September 2020 is by 5pm on Friday 18th December 2020.  To claim for these hours please raise a query through the Worklink Portal. After this date it will not be possible for you to claim for these hours.
  • Hiring Managers are now responsible for conducting your right to work check.
  • You may be asked for updated joining information and to a provide a new right to work check even if you have previously been a casual worker at the University as this is a requirement by HMRC and Immigration compliance.
  • You must confirm acceptance of your casual work assignment by replying to your offer email within 3 working days before your casual assignment can be set up.
  • The maximum length the assignment will be issued and can be worked until is 13 weeks.  Your manager will discuss your work requirements locally within the 13- week period and any extension beyond 13 weeks will be transferred into a contract through Human Resources.
  • All casual assignments will be closed after the end date. This means you will not be able to submit timecards or access your Core account after your assignment is closed.
  • Once your assignment is setup, please ensure you are accessing your Core systems account to add or update your bank details by the monthly deadline.
  • HR Operations and Recruitment now process all student teaching support assignments and fixed term contracts. For any relevant queries you can contact the team at


Further guidance on the Student Casual Worker process can be found here.



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