Applications, CVs, interviews and assessment centres

As a postgraduate researcher, it is important to understand how to effectively communicate your high-level skills and experience to potential employers in an effective way.

Non-academic applications, CVs and interviews

Find out the basics on how to put together a strong CV for jobs outside of academia (PDF - 554KB), including how to present your PhD on your CV depending on its relevance to the job for which you are applying.

When you are applying for jobs outside of academia, it is important to effectively 'translate' your PhD experience into skills, qualities and achievements that are of interest to the employers that you are targeting. Here you can find some useful advice on articulating your academic experience for the non-academic workplace, along with some useful examples of how to 'translate' your PhD experiences into relatable, employer-friendly 'language.'

Also, look out for events focusing on non-academic applications and CVs for Postgraduate Researchers in our Westmere Careers Series.

If you are looking to improve or practise your interview skills, you can contact the PGR Careers Adviser who can help you with this. Our practice interview software also lets you practise your interview technique online if you can't make it to campus or Skype for a practice interview.

CVs and applications for academic jobs

Here we've put together some advice for advice on putting together an academic CV and writing an academic cover letter.

Other useful resources include: 

Also, look out for events focusing on academic job applications and CVs in our postgraduate careers events programme.

Careers Network's CV, Application and Interview Support pages also contain useful information and advice on CVs, covering letters, application forms, interviews, assessment centres and psychometric testing.

Get support

If you would like further guidance on putting together your CV, cover letter or job application, or want help preparing for an interview or assessment centre, contact the PGR Careers Adviser ( for PhD-specific support. Alternatively, you can book a practice interview.


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