Should any modules be assigned to a different Stage?

When calculating degree classifications, if you encounter errors stating that a student has too many or insufficient credits, check whether you need to assign any of the student's modules to a different programme stage.  

D button in BIRMS page ES02 - to access Degree Classification Working Out pagebutton in ES02 will show you the degree classification working out, which is a useful  overview and a clear delineation of programme stages

Students will sometimes take modules from a lower or higher level than their current stage, registering for some LI (intermediate) modules in Year 3 or LH (honours) modules in Year 2.

To ensure that the degree classification auto-calculation process takes these modules into account at the Stage within which they were taken, a module may be manually assigned a different Stage in BIRMS.

How to assign a module to a different programme stage in BIRMS ME05 Calculate/Amend Module Marks page

Actions to take:

  • Assign modules to the Stages when they were taken where appropriate – this should enable the degree classification calculation process to calculate these module accurately.
  • As you will be assigning modules to a different Stage retrospectively once marks/recommendations have already been released, process these using the ‘Correction Approved’ (xxxKB) function in ME05.


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