Are there incorrect module recommendations you could fix?

When calculating degree classifications, if you encounter errors stating that a student has too many or insufficient credits, check whether there are incorrect module recommendations you can fix.  

D button in BIRMS page ES02 - to access Degree Classification Working Out pagebutton in ES02 will show you the degree classification working out, which is a useful  overview and a clear delineation of programme stages

For example, if an alternative module has been substituted in place of the original module for the reassessment, the module recommendation should one of:

  • SB (Substitute the module) – for students who are taking an alternative module as a substitute in the next academic year
  • MB (Substitute the module as a first sit) – for students with agreed EC’s who are taking an alternative module as a substitute in the next academic year

How to fix incorrect module recommendations in BIRMS ME05 Calculate/Amend Module Marks page

The 'SB' and 'MB' substitute recommendations connect the original and substitute modules to enable BIRMS to count them as a reassessment on a single module registration reflecting the appropriate amount of credits when.

Actions to take:

  • Update the recommendation if it is not correct – this should enable the degree classification calculation process to calculate these module accurately
  • As you will be changing recommendations retrospectively once marks/recommendations have already been released, process these using the ‘Correction Approved’ (PDF - 541KB) function in ME05


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