Cycle with Confidence

Get ready for cycling to university with the resources below. A little know-how and the right skills will give you the confidence to navigate local streets, cycle paths and campus roads.  

Video Guides

The best place to start is with these videos from British Cycling, which show you how to position yourself on the roads, use roundabouts, filter in traffic, check your bike and more.

Cycle Training

Cycling skills and bike maintenance classes are put on regularly. Please get in touch to register your interest.

Bike with a Buddy

Riding your commute alongside an experienced cyclist is great for your rush-hour confidence.

Two Wheels Better is network of Birmingham cyclists who match novice commuters to experienced cyclists riding the same route. Both catergories of riders are very welcome. Communication is via the Facebook page and a Whatsapp group.

If you there no other rider on your route, please email the sustainable travel officer, who is available to accompany first-time cycle commuters.



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