Keep Your Bike Secure


Bikes are valuable and must be stored securely. The best way is to invest in a good lock and cable and know how to attach it properly to racks. Better still, keep it in one of the lockable bike shelters on campus or apply for a locker. 

Lockable Bike Shelters

There are two secure bike shelters on campus for  staff and students to use:

  • Between Muirhead Tower and the Alan Walters Building.  This compound can house 52 cycles.

For instructions on accessing this shelter, please email from your university email address. 

  • There is a second compound in the Sport and Fitness Centre car park. Members of the new sports centre can access it their via swipe card.
Find these shelters, and the other 1800+ cycle spaces on campus, with this map

Bike Lockers

We have 26 bike lockers around campus available to hire at £4 per calendar month. If you are interested in hiring a locker please e-mail  to join the waiting list.

How to Lock a Bike

Crime is generally low on campus, but, sadly, bikes are a prime target for theft. Remember that thieves are opportunists, so you can prevent unwanted attention with the some simple steps. Whenever you lock your bike, you should:

  1. Choose a rack that is visible by passers-by or CCTV.
  2. Use a strong D-lock to attach your frame to the rack.
  3. Invest in a lock that is 25% the value of your bike.
  4. Use a secondary lock to loop through the wheels.
  5. Take stealable lights and panniers away with you.
Watch this video for a quick guide to locking your bike properly and this one for a longer discussion of the different locks on the market.

Free and Discounted D-locks

Students can get their bikes security marked and a FREE D Lock via Security. at regular events on campus. These are listed on the UBSafe Facebook page. Alternatively make an appointment via the page.

Staff can buy a D-lock from the Security Department for £17 by getting in touch via the UBSafe Facebook page.

Gear Up will also sell discounted D-locks from their pod in Staff House Square.

Abandoned Bikes

    Each year a large volume of bikes are left abandoned on campus.  These bikes take up valuable parking spaces, make campus look untidy and attract thieves.  

    Bikes identified as potentially abandoned will be tagged and left for four weeks for the owner to take away.  Uncollected bikes are given to local charities that refurbish the bikes for good causes or second-hand bike sales for staff and students.

    If you spot a bike that you believe to be abandoned please email with a description of the bike, its location and preferably a picture.

    If your bike is tagged in error, simply remove the tag and notify the sustainable travel officer on the address above.


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