Travel Survey 2018

In October 2018 the University conducted a travel survey which more than 7400 staff and students completed. The travel survey provides invaluable information on how people are travelling to the university, why they travel the way they do and how we can improve travel to the site and make it more sustainable. The University is committed to reducing the number of single occupancy car journeys to the campus and to help both staff and students make a more sustainable travel choice where possible.

The headline results of the survey are shown below.  The report to accompany the survey can be downloaded via the link below as can the updated Sustainable Travel Action Plan and Travel Plan. 

  • Single occupancy car usage amongst staff has decreased by 3% down to 35%
  • Cycling amonst staff has increased by 2% to 10% - national average is 3%
  • Car sharing amongst staff has increased
  • Single occupancy car usage is down amongst students
  • The move away from bus and train usage seen amongst staff in 2016 has been reversed



18585 Travel Survey Infographic AW

Since the survey closed we have already started acting on the feedback:

  • An order has been placed for a 54 capacity secure cycle compound to be placed to rear of Muirhead Tower near Alan Walters - expecting installation before end of February
  • The time limit on priority car share bays has been extended to 10am giving more time for people with carer responsibilities to access the bays plus a further 6 priority bays added in West car park close to MDS
  • New 'authentication' feature added to Liftshare to enable live monitoring of car sharing
  • Continued work with Security around bike marking and free D Locks for students at regular events
  • Delivery of engagement events for Guild Go Green week promoting cycling

For more information on the travel survey or any of the points above please get in touch with the university's sustainable travel officer, Edward Shelley by emailing 

View the 2018 Travel Survey report 

View the 2021 mini travel survey report

View the Sustainable Travel Action Plan (April 2022 update) 






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