Introduction to GoinGlobal video transcript

Title: Introduction to GoinGlobal

Duration: 3:10

Hi. I'm Rory, one of the student team members for the Careers Network and I'm here today to tell you about our new international job seeking tool, GoinGlobal. 

GoinGlobal gives University of Birmingham students the ability search for job opportunities in any field across a wide range of countries. Even providing detailed careers guides, giving advice on how to succeed in specific international employment markets. Therefore, GoinGlobal makes it easy to find and apply for jobs, and prepare for interviews anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world.

How does it work? GoinGlobal has a vast database of jobs that is updated each and every day, containing over 16 million job opportunities spread across 196 different countries. But don't worry it's not as overwhelming as it sounds. GoinGlobal offers an easy-to-use search engine in which you can specify the type of job you wish to look for, the country you'd like to work in, and even the specific city you'd like to be in. This feature is also available for a similarly wide range of international internships and specific international employers. Just remember for the best results when searching for either a job or internship, make sure you search in both English and the native language of the country where you wish to work.

As well as offering an extensive database of job opportunities, GoinGlobal also offers constantly updated advice on international employment markets, offering over 180 pages of in-depth careers advice from local employment experts dedicated to the employment markets for specific countries across the world. It also details advice on how to crack employment hotspots, like capital cities, across the globe. These guides are updated regularly, to make sure they reflect any changes in government policy or changes in economic climates.

For the best possible experience with GoinGlobal, you can create a personalised account, which offers you a customisable home page, new job alerts, as well as the ability to bookmark content.

You can also access all of this easily on your mobile or tablet, and for those of you who wish to use the service, but English is not your first language, the GoinGlobal webpage is equipped with an easily accessible translation tab, with a wide range of options.

So, if you're an international student looking for a job to go back home to, considering working abroad after graduation, or simply looking for a part-time job whilst on your year abroad, then GoinGlobal is the perfect international job seeking tool for you.

If you need any more practice before applying for any of these international job opportunities, then Careers Network have access to a range of resources, there to help you.


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