Transformation West Midlands Reverse Mentoring video transcript

Video: 1 minute 45 seconds

Aqsa Kausar – Student

The reason why I have got involved in this scheme is because I wanted to create a positive impact. I want to share my ideas and my experience with the employer and create a positive impact by them listening. And being able to see it happening in the future, so when I apply, I can see that I have made a change and that will make me feel satisfied.


Alison Sharp – Transformation West Midlands

One of the key benefits I think for students and graduates involved from under-represented groups is that they get a real chance to create change with organisations. One of the students said today that what was great about it was that they could be proud of where they came from and they could stay true to their roots and I think that is exactly what it is. It’s being able to guide organisations and offer their perspective and insights.


Julie Watson – Graduate

I hope to achieve a bigger understanding of how I am linked with Shoosmiths law firm, so I am hoping to understand a little bit more about how they operate and how recruiters and HR departments look at graduates.


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