Introduction to Shortlist.Me video transcript

Title: Introduction to Shortlist.Me

Duration: 3:27

Hi. I'm Nishi, one of the student team members for Careers Network and I'm here to tell you about our new practice interview platform enables you to practice your interview skills whenever you want, no matter where you are and it's exclusive to University of Birmingham students and recent graduates. recreates the online interview process that you may experience when applying for internships and graduate roles.

When? is a great way to practice for an online recorded interview if you have one coming up, but it's also a really useful tool if you just want to enhance your interview technique, or practice if you haven't had a lot of interview experience. It's a great starting point to find out what sort of questions you might be asked, as the interviews on have been formulated by real graduate employers from a range of industry sectors.

Why? In case you've never had one before, the recorded interviews are very similar to face-to-face panel interviews, however in this case your answers to interview questions are recorded online and then reviewed by the employer at a later date. Typically you're given a set amount of time to answer each question and you are allowed to answer a practice question before the interview actually begins. Increasingly, this type of interview is being used by graduate recruiters, as it enhances flexibility for both the candidate and the employer.

How? You can access via the Careers Network website. Just select, or search for the interview that's right for you. Select the register and complete the login details. You'll then be asked to input your details before being emailed a link so that you can start your interview. After answering each question, you will be given the opportunity to self-assess your response using employer insight as a guide. You would then be able to utilise this feedback to enhance your interview performance.

What next? Before you begin, make sure that you have a working webcam, microphone, and a good internet connection. If you're using a laptop or PC, works best if you use Google Chrome. You can access interviews on a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets by downloading the app. Remember, you can access the interview at any time so for the best interview experience, choose a time and place that's right for you so that you can concentrate without any distractions.

For further interview information, resources, or to book a practice interview, visit our website and find out all the ways that Careers Network can support you with the interview process.


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