LinkedIn Learning video transcript

Duration: 2:21

Are you struggling to decide what career path is best for you? Worried about the transition from university to the workplace and how best to fit in? Or certain on both those fronts but still requiring those extra practical skills to make you the top candidate for your dream job? Well Careers Network is here to help!

With world leading resources for our students and recent graduates, all accessible from the comfort of your own home. As a student or recent graduate, you have access to LinkedIn Learning, an excellent skill development platform full of professionally produced video content informed and curated by industry experts the sole aim of which is to improve your career opportunities. All you need to access the account is your university username and password. No need to create a new account. The service is then available to you for free, and this free access continues for alumni for two years after their graduation.

The service provides a vast array of content designed to help you develop specific practical skills to increase your employability and effectiveness in the workplace, or even just to develop a new hobby. From courses on the strategy of social media marketing to simply learning how to play the guitar, amongst the 13,000 available courses there's something for everyone. I even used it myself to improve my knowledge of user experience design, but specific skill development is not the only thing that LinkedIn Learning offers students.

There is also a wealth of video content dedicated to providing support around more general soft skills and assistance on how best to adjust comfortably to the new environment of a workplace. LinkedIn Learning even goes as far as to provide content designed for those at a far earlier stage in their career development, with videos advising users on how to decide what job they would like to pursue in the first place and with Careers Network specifically created video collections and learning pathways, all this content is incredibly easy to navigate.  Also feel free to take it at your own pace as LinkedIn suggests that using the platform for just half an hour a week can drastically improve your employability.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with LinkedIn Learning.


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