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3rd annual PhD and Postgraduate Career conference

Video transcript

Speaker 1, Jo Healey:

It’s best just to speak to any of the graduates out on the stand, they’ll generally be quite honest and tell you what the culture is like – no one, especially from a PhD background, does not really want to hear a lot of buzz words, and instead wants to know exactly what they’ll be doing in the company. So spend time and find out from a person in the company about their experiences of the company and culture.

Speaker 2, Simon Cutler:

Is the company right for you? You each have certain characteristics, values and opinions and I think it is important that if you want to fit into the organisation as well, being a two-way partnership, and obviously when you get onto a program it is like a two year interview. I have apprentices as well who are going through a four year interview, and that is also important. Because in terms of us a Japanese company, our philosophy and culture, standards and operate globally, but we still are a family run business and have traditional core values and I think it is important to you as well because you each have your values and thoughts, and how do they resonate with you and cause synergy with the company, and that goes both ways, and that’s telling you something.

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