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Alumni talk about finding a job through networking

Video transcript

Careers adviser: "I think some of the skills the students gain from the course are ones they don't automatically recognise as being useful, things like networking skills. I was speaking to one student, a while ago, who talked about how she gained her job after graduation as a result of developing networking skills on our modules. Before that, hadn't realised the importance of networking and how it would influence her chance of getting the job that she really wanted."

Alumni 1: "I got my current job through networking. I'd built up a series of friends through the university and they approached me about a potential job that they were aware of. So, I managed to arrange an interview and on the very same day, I went to the interview and that very same day I managed to get the job, which was brilliant and I was really happy and I knew immediately that it was the right job for me."

Alumni 2: "I moved from recruitment to become a Trade Market Attorney, purely by chance. I met a partner of a law firm one evening at a networking forum, who suggested that I might be very good for trademarks because of my background of law and the commercial role that I was undertaking at the time. I speculatively applied to five firms in the city who specialise within intellectual property law. I sent in my CV, send a good cover letter and explained my background and explained my choice, why I wished to enter the profession and what I thought I might be able to offer and I offered into the interview at Marks and Clarke."

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