What to do at university to get a graduate job

Video transcript

Daniel Hawes, Recruitment Consultant (Graduate Recruitment Bureau)

"While you are at university there is lots of opportunities for part time work. The usual working in a bar or restaurant or something like that or a shop, even. Believe it or not, there is a lot of experience and skills you can pick up from these part time roles that will look good on your CV. Handling cash, dealing with customers, time management and lots of different things. You can also look at internships and placement and work experience, which are really going to help you get a graduate job at the end of it."

 Gerry Wyatt, Graduate Recruitment Manager (graduatejobs.com)

"There is lots students can do whilst at university to make themselves   more employable, mainly, for us, what we would look for are students who get involved in societies and student groups and maybe a debating society or skiing club. You have to do it at an organisational level and demonstrate that you've contributed to that organisation in a positive way. That might be the treasurer or the fund raiser and something that shows that you've been given a task to do and you've performed it and you can demonstrate what you've achieved. Any employer would look on that type of ability favourably." 

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