Alumni advice on the recruitment process video transcript

Adam Cooper MA in International Relations, now a Competitive Price Analyst at Centrica

Video transcript

"I suppose there is two major pieces of advice I'd give to a student who is going into the recruitment process right now. The first is, put yourself out there and get involved in something externally, because in the actual process you are in competition with lots of other people who have had first or 2:1s and have very good academic standing. So you need to make yourself unique, whether it’s getting involved in event organisation or doing something within the department or something that just takes you outside of it and makes you a bit more special, almost, be it through a GAP year or whatever.

"The second I'd recommend from my own personal experience is start practicing maths tests if you are a sort of a history student, along those lines, or if you are in engineering start practising your verbal tests, because it’s very common for these things to be employed and even if they are not, they could just drop it on you without you knowing it, so it’s in your interest to make sure you are as prepared as you can be."

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