Employer tips for telephone interviews video transcript

Iain Heath, graduate programme manager at Centrica

Video transcript

"In terms of preparing for a telephone interview the key things that graduates need to do; make sure that they are in a quiet environment where they are not going to be disturbed; make sure they are ready on time and I think on time means at least ten minutes beforehand.

"Have some key pointers in front of them, it might be their CV, a copy of their online application and also make sure you've been on the website and looked at the competencies that that particular recruiter is looking for and jotted down some bullet points showing how you can demonstrate those particular competencies. So it’s all about preparation, be calm, realise that the employer is looking to find good people, just like you and have a confident demeanour when you are talking to the interviewer.

"Tone of voice is very, very important when you are conveying a message in any environment, but I think particularly over the phone, because the interviewer can't see you and can't see your reactions and can't see the way that your facial expressions or your body language, that needs to be conveyed very positively down the phone and without that you can come across a slightly monotone and perhaps even disinterested in the position.

"So, smiling, being enthusiastic and not being afraid to emphasise points using your hands and even though you are over the phone can all help to convey a much more dynamic impression to that graduate recruiter and dynamism, energy, these are some of the things they are looking for from their graduates. You need to convey very positive body language as it can be heard down the phone line."

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