Emily Hall's testimonial video transcript

Emily Hall - Clinical Lecturer and Specialist Registrar in Orthodontics, BDS Dental Surgery

Video transcript

"I chose the University of Birmingham because I knew I wanted to do dentistry, and the Dental School had a very strong reputation. And then our school actually had an open day so they organised a trip for us to come down to Birmingham and I was sold really, because the campus is - it's a very attractive campus and it's got great facilities.

"I like the fact that the course is very well structured, very well organised, and that from the second year, so very early on in the course, we got lots of hands-on experience with patients. For me it was that hands-on experience of treating patients and seeing the effects that orthodontic appliances have that really made me want to pursue a career in it.

"I think first and foremost my practical skills are probably the thing that developed the most. Obviously to do dentistry you have to be practical, and you get a lot of help with developing your practical abilities; but also my interpersonal skills - you have to learn how to talk to patients and how to empathise with people, and those sorts of skills they sort of set you up for life, really.

"I - in terms of the next couple of years to sit my specialist exams and to become a specialist. I've really enjoyed the lecturing aspect of it so I hope to continue to be a lecturer, and I'd like to go on to become a consultant orthodontist."

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